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Our Candles
We use pure essential oils for our aromatherapy candles

the finest fragrances oils, that do not contain the bad stuff.

Our fragrances include

Aromatherapy Candles

they release a small, but continuous stream of herbal and floral essential oils into the air as they burn. The chemicals in the essential oils enter your body as you breathe, and travel throughout the body, including the brain, through the bloodstream

 Chakra candles

that serve a purpose other than just making a room smell better. The help you to feel more balanced.

Beach, Ocean and Water Fragrances

remind you of a warm summer beach, and all the freedom it brings, even when it feels a million miles away. The are earth, salty and clean fragrances.

Coffee and Beverage Fragrances

The intoxicating smell of coffee is known to grab almost anyone’s  attention (if you’re reading this, you’ve probably fallen victim to this intoxicatingly delicious scent). It’s a smell that stops you in your tracks and redirects you to the nearest coffee shop, or convincingly tempts you to brake your rule of no coffee after 3pm. If you’re looking to get the coffee smell fix without having to brew a cup(s) we’ve got a wonderful group of Coffee Candle.

Others that are truly reminiscent of the aroma of familiar beverages. Whether you are
looking for fragrances that smell like popular mixed drinks

Musky and Masculine

Earthy. Earthy scents like sandalwood, patchouli, and rosewood are strong scents commonly associated with masculinity. The earthy aroma can warm the body and increase feelings of well-being. Its earthy, animalistic, brilliant andalancing.

Organic Elements

Organic fragrances are derived from living matter and are defined as those that are grown. These include our floral and grassy  fragrances. Herbal scents include  notes like lavender, sage, lemongrass, rosemary, chamomile. The earthy
aroma of these herbal fragrances have been very popular in recent years.

Tropical Fragrances

 are similar to floral and fruity, with such notes as exotic papaya, hibiscus flower, tropical plumeria, sweet honeysuckle, coconut, island palms and almond blossom. Different fragrances can have different effects on mood

Vanilla Fragrances

Vanilla is one of those notes that has a cult following. Often regarded as a slightly more neutral scent, pleasing everyone, its
sweet aroma conjures up fond memories of summer days eating ice cream
and delicious home baked goods.

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